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How To Maintain A Window Air Conditioner

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Window air conditioners are an alternative cooling option for small homes and apartments that provide cooling for a single room. They are more affordable and require less installation when compared to larger central air conditioner units. However, like all home appliances, window air conditioners need to be maintained to ensure that they continue to operate at peak efficiency for as long as possible. Clean the Air Filter An air filter that is blocked within your window air conditioner will significantly negatively affect your unit’s efficiency. Read More»

Fall Protection Equipment Every DIY Homeowner Should Have In Their Garage

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You may think that as long as you have a ladder and the necessary tools, you can tackle just about any task that arises in or outside or your home, regardless of the height of the particular project. However, from going after roofing problems on your own to taking tree topping into your own hands, jobs that take place up off the ground present the dangerous threat of falling and getting injured. Read More»

4 Great Plants For An Edible Xeriscape Garden

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Xeriscaping is a method of landscaping or gardening that conserves water or that requires little watering beyond rainfall. It can involve planting species that are tolerant of drought conditions, or replacing features like water-guzzling lawns with plants that are low-maintenance and hardy. Although xeriscaping is popular in drought-prone areas where official water conservation measures are in place, it can be used anywhere and in any climate to reduce water waste. For gardeners who want to incorporate xeriscaping into their landscaping project and who want to grow more of the food they eat, here are four edible plants that don’t need much water. Read More»

Keeping Small Animals And Birds Out Of Your Fireplace Chimney

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If you have a fireplace in your home, you most likely enjoy the warmth of a crackling blaze during cold temperatures. During the times your fireplace is not being used inside, the chimney portion may become a hideaway for small creatures. To keep birds, mice, squirrels, and raccoons from taking up residence inside your chimney, using precautionary steps to make the area less attractive and accessible is necessary. Here are some tips you can follow to make sure your chimney does not become a home for furry and feathered friends. Read More»

2 Household Items That Will Put Less Stress On A Septic Tank

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For homeowners that use a septic tank, it is important that you do not overburden the tank with things that should not go through your home’s plumbing. You may not realize it, but it’s even possible for certain dishwasher detergents to have a harmful effect if you are not careful. If you want your home’s septic tank to last a long time, use these two products. Septic Tank Friendly Toilet Paper Read More»

What's That Green Stuff? How To Remove Mold From Your Plaster Walls

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Excessive moisture in your home can cause mold to grow in your home. Unfortunately, mold can wreak havoc on plaster walls, especially if it isn’t removed quickly enough. As mold grows, it can cause the plaster to weaken, which may cause it to peel away from the wall. Mold can also cause health and breathing problems, especially if you haveasthma or allergies. If you’ve discovered mold growing in your home, don’t panic. Read More»

Three Ways You And Your Family Can Keep Your Air Conditioning Usage Low

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If you’re concerned about rising energy costs and how they’ll impact your utilities bills, it’s worthwhile to give consideration to your air conditioner usage. Sure, it’s pleasing to keep your home chilly when it’s hot outside, but you might find that your temperature is rising when you open your next bill. Fortunately, it’s easy for you and your family to adopt some smart habits that can keep your A/C usage manageable and, in turn, reduce the risk of an unpleasant surprise on your utilities bill. Read More»

The Benefits Of Solar Air Conditioners

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Solar air conditioners are an alternative type of air conditioner that, like their name suggests, make use of solar energy to cool your home down. Because of their unique method of generating power, solar air conditioners confer a number of unique benefits onto your home. Understanding what a solar powered air conditioning unit has to offer over a traditional, electrically powered air conditioning unit can help you decide whether or not a solar powered air conditioner is right for your home. Read More»

3 Potential Causes Of Your Hydraulic Cylinder Leak

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If you have noticed that you are dealing with a hydraulic cylinder leak, you should know that anyone who specializes in hydraulic cylinder repair should be able to help you. The cost of the repair is going to vary based on the cause of the leak, and there are a few different things that can be contributing factors. These are some of the common causes of hydraulic cylinder leaks. 1. Faulty Seals Read More»