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How A Commercial Plumbing Service Can Help With Setting Up Your Restaurant Kitchen

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If you are in the process of preparing to open up your own restaurant, then you might have a lot of work to do. You might be doing a lot of the work yourself, but there is a good chance that you are going to need to hire a few people to help you with different things so that you can get your restaurant up and running. For example, you may need to hire a commercial plumbing service to help you out with getting your restaurant kitchen set up. These are some of the ways that one of these professionals should be able to help.

Installing Hand Washing Sinks

Obviously, it is important to have enough hand washing sinks in your kitchen so that your cooks, servers, and other staff members can wash their hands regularly. A commercial plumber can help you determine how many handwashing sinks you need and can assist you in picking out and installing those sinks.

Installing Dishwashing Sinks

You will also need separate sinks for soaking, rinsing, and washing dishes. Special, large sinks that are deep enough to handle large loads of plates or commercial-size pots and pans are typically needed. Usually, for sanitation and durability purposes, you will want to choose stainless steel dishwashing sinks, and you'll typically need two or three separate compartments. These are things that a commercial plumber can help you with.

Hooking Up Your Commercial Dishwashing System

Even though you might have dishwashing sinks in your restaurant kitchen, you will also need a commercial dishwashing system that can be used for thoroughly and quickly washing and sanitizing dishes. You might need assistance with picking out a dishwashing system that is going to be the appropriate size for your restaurant, that will be energy and water efficient, and that will be effective at getting your dishes clean. A commercial plumber will typically have experience with these systems and can assist you with choosing and installing your commercial dishwasher.

Hooking Up the Water Line to Your Ice Machine

You will probably want to have at least one ice machine in your kitchen so that you will have access to fresh ice. You might already have an ice machine, but you might not know how to hook it up to the water supply so that it can actually make ice. A commercial plumber can set up the necessary water lines, and if necessary, can hook up a filtration system so that the water that runs to your ice machine is properly filtered.

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