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Signs You Need Masonry Repair

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If you are a homeowner, it is easy to take for granted the idea that everything in your home will be in good shape indefinitely. This is especially true of elements like masonry or brickwork in your home. However, there will come a time when the masonry and brick elements of your home need to be dealt with and repaired. The key is to know when those repairs are necessary so things do not get too out of hand. If you do not get repairs done quickly when your masonry needs help, it can fall into such severe disrepair that it needs to be completely replaced. Get to know some of the signs you need masonry repair. Then, you can be sure you are taking the best care possible of the stonework in your home going forward. 

You Notice Cracks of Any Kind

One of the signs that your home needs masonry repairs is if there are cracks in the bricks or stones in your home. These cracks can seem quite minor and small but can quickly deepen and grow, making them serious problems for the structural integrity of your home and stone elements. 

Do not ignore cracks in the stonework. Have them looked at by a masonry repair expert right away. With any luck, they can be patched, or a single stone or brick can be replaced and things will go back to normal. However, if you let them go, the stone could lose its integrity and cause major shifts in the stones surrounding it, leading to additional cracks and damage. 

Your Brick or Stone Structure Is Bowing

Another sign to look out for that you may need masonry repair is if the structure of the stonework or brickwork is bowing out. This means that there is an arc or curve to the structure when it is meant to be a straight line. 

When this happens, it could be due to water damage to the bricks or stone or could be because of unnoticed shifting in the stones. Call a masonry repair service right away when you notice bowing. Hopefully, you will have gotten to it soon enough that repairs are still an option. 

White Substance on Bricks

If you notice a white powdery substance coating the bricks in your masonry work, you could have trouble. This is the result of a chemical process in the brick and mortar, and it can signal that there is damage inside of the bricks. The sooner you address this issue, the less expensive and time-consuming the repairs to the masonry will be. 

Knowing these signs you need masonry repair, you can be sure you contact a masonry repair service right away at the first sign of trouble.