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Differences Between Traditional Limited Access Drilling For Water Well Installation

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Any time a well is drilled for water access, it is quite the process to watch. A lot of planning takes place before the machinery is ever brought in and before the first drill is set to the ground. However, some well-drilling sites are more complex than others. Some sites are limited-access sites. A limited-access site is difficult to access in a traditional manner, which can further complicate the entire process of drilling a well to be used for natural water access. Here is a look at some of the differences between traditional and limited-access drilling for water well installation. 

The equipment brought in for the process will be different. 

Limited-access drilling equipment is quite a bit different from traditional drilling equipment. Many companies will use something referred to as a collapsible rig, which is a well-drilling rig that can be completely disassembled and hauled to a drill site piece by piece. In areas where it is not possible to carry a large drill rig to the area because there is only a narrow pathway for transport, a collapsible rig would have to be used. 

The cost of the overall project will likely be more. 

Naturally, any time a well-drilling job involves more complicated measures, the price is going to be a bit higher. The higher price comes along with the longer time it takes to bring in and set up the equipment that is used for the project, but it can also involve the various factors of the limited access setting. For instance, if you are having a well installed in an area where there is not a natural paved road to bring in equipment, it can mean special equipment has to be used to get to the drilling site. 

The time it takes to complete well installation will be longer. 

Since the equipment used to drill the well may have to be brought in disassembled and subsequently set up, the time to drill in a limited-access area can take a while longer than it would at a traditional site. Limited-access drill sites may also have other obstacles, such as rough terrain or rocky ground that can make the process a little more time-consuming than usual. The drilling company will give you an estimate of how long a project will take in advance, but this timeline can vary depending on what comes up during the drill. 

To learn more, contact a company that does limited-access drilling in your area.