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3 Remodeling Projects That Can Make Your Main Bathroom Kid-Friendly

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When you have young children, you may have been thinking about what you can do to your home to make some of the features more accommodating for their age and size. Since the bathrooms are rooms that your children will be using every day, it's smart to consider what kind of condition they are in and whether they're going to be suitable for young children.

If you decided to go the route of remodeling the bathroom, consider some of the following projects that can help to make the bathroom a much better choice for your children.

Add Traction to Prevent Falls

One of the most important things you can do to make the main bathroom better for your children is simply adding some traction to prevent anyone from falling. Since your children could be much more at risk of being hurt due to running around the bathroom or being too young to be as safe as an adult, you want to add some traction in the form of non-slip rugs and a mat that can be set up in the bathtub to prevent any slips.

Keep the Cabinets Easy to Use

Having a lot of storage in the bathroom can be as simple as having some cabinets installed. Rather than a pedestal sink that's lacking in storage, large cabinets can provide a ton of room for towels, toys, and other things that your children will want.

Keeping the cabinets easy to use can mean adding child-safe locks on the ones that you don't want them to access as well as using soft-opening and -closing mechanisms to make it safer for your children.

Improve the Bath and Shower

Along with adding a non-slip mat to the bathtub, you need to see what other features you can add to the bath and shower. This can mean having shelves installed in the shower to provide easy access to shampoo and conditioner as well as having a place to hang the loofah after bathing. Making a few changes to the bath and shower can make the bathroom much more accommodating for your children so that it be more comfortable for them to use.

Remodeling the bathroom can be a good goal when you want it to be more accommodating for your children and not be a challenge for them to use. Instead of struggling with making changes, consider the above tips that can help you feel much better about what you want to be done in the bathroom. Speak to a bathroom remodeling professional about your space.