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Is Your Club Or Organization Raising Money For A Worthy Cause By Collecting Metal?

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Are you on the committee in your club or organization that comes up with ideas on how to raise money? Perhaps the money you raise goes to a worthy cause right in your own community. If you'll soon be having a meeting for that purpose, have you considered suggesting that your group collect metal to be recycled for money? From putting out the word to arranging for the metal to be recycled at a company in your area, here are some ideas that might help.

Put Out The Word  About Your Money Raising Project 

Obviously, if one person were to just collect a few empty soda cans, not a lot of money would be raised. However, imagine your entire group gathering things from soda cans to old bottles and even things like metal car parts, old tricycles, and bicycles and wheelbarrows that are no longer good enough to use. But first, you have to put the word out that there will be a metal collection drive.

Think of every single way you can advertise your metal recycling project to individuals and businesses in your community.  From texts and emails to handouts and posters in store windows, you will probably get a great response. Your advertising could include words like "Is it time to clear your garage or your land of unused metal objects?" Also, consider putting the reason for your metal collection drive in your posters and other advertising. When people know that it's for a worthy cause, they will probably be more willing to donate metal items.

Make Arrangements With A Commercial Recycling Company 

Find out ahead of time if the commercial recycling company is open only on certain days. For instance, if the company is closed for the weekend, you'll obviously want to deliver the used metal during the week. Get the name of an individual you can always contact when people have questions regarding which metal items will be accepted to be recycled. 

Another idea is to find out if the company will do pickups. If you have enough metal, the company might be very willing to send a truck to a certain location to pick the metal items up. Otherwise, of course, you'll have to find people who are willing to lend their trucks or flatbed trailers for the purpose of transporting the metal to the commercial recycling company. Remember to give a deadline date in your advertising, and be sure to give a specific address of where you want the metal to be delivered.

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