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Three Types Of Metal RV Carports To Buy

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If you enjoy taking long trips by RV, you need to think of how you'll store this large vehicle when you're not on the road. While some people park their RVs at storage facilities, the reality is that doing so can be expensive — not to mention a hassle, given that access to your vehicle isn't exactly convenient. Since you probably don't want to just park your RV in your driveway or yard, and it's far too big for your garage, a good option is to buy a metal RV carport designed to hold an RV of your size. There are many different types of these carports, including the following.

Side-By-Side RV Carport

 A side-by-side RV carport consists of the main carport that will hold your RV, as well as a smaller carport immediately to either side. The smaller carport is designed to hold a trainer, which you might have if you travel a lot and take a lot of gear with you. Few RV carports are long enough to hold an RV with the trailer hitched behind it, but a side-by-side model will provide both the RV and the trailer with some protection from the elements.

Enclosed RV Carport

Many RV carports have open sides, which allows them to be priced more competitively and quicker to set up, but doesn't give your vehicle the protection or the privacy that you might desire. The solution to this issue is to invest in an enclosed RV carport. In addition to having a pitched roof that protects the top of the vehicle, solid sides — often made of wood, plastic, or vinyl over the metal frame of the carport — will offer enhanced protection. If you live in a windy climate where snowdrifts are common, a carport will sides will prevent drifts from forming against your RV.

One-Sided RV Carport

Just as it's possible to buy an RV carport with two enclosed sides, you can also buy one with just a single enclosed side. This structure has one open side, and you can buy a carport with either a left or a right open side. This is an ideal structure in different environments. For example, if you are setting up the carport to one side of your detached garage, you can set up the carport so that side is open and the opposite side is enclosed. When the solid exterior wall of the garage is just a couple of feet from the carport, there's little value in having that side of the carport covered.