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Fiber Cement Siding Is A Game Changer

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As far as residential siding is concerned, most people think of traditional materials like vinyl, aluminum, and wood. These are understandably popular products, but they aren't very original. They have been around for decades and the most affordable product don't really have the most impressive styles. That is, cheap products look cheap. But, if you are looking for a budget siding material that is also very attractive and has more unique look, you should think about fiber cement siding.

What is Fiber Cement?

Most people don't even know much about fiber cement. It is actually a material that is used in many different construction applications. While it is new to siding, it is not new to construction in general. For example, fiber cement is used for building walls, particularly those that are going to be faced with tile or brick. It is a strong and practical backing board because it is lighter than real concrete. The same characteristics that make fiber cement a great backing board material also make it a great siding material. Fiber cement is a mixture of fibers and concrete rock aggregate. So, it is lighter than normal cement but has similar tensity and strength.

Why is it Great for Siding?

First of all fiber cement is water resistant. It is usually installed with waterproof flashing that shields you walls and makes your home perfectly waterproof. Fiber cement is also great for siding because of how light it is. Fiber cement can be secured to your existing walls with ease, regardless of your home design. That is, it can be attached to solid walls, wooden studs, concrete, and pretty much anything else.

As a design feature, fiber cement is also very diverse. First of all, fiber cement comes in many different forms and shapes. Planks, like those common in vinyl products, are popular. But, there are also larger sheets that can be used. Sheet siding is more attractive to those who want a sleek, modern style.

Also, fiber cement can be finished in many ways. Some products are textured, but most are relatively flat and feel pretty much just like concrete, if a bit smoother. Fiber cement can also come dyed or in a traditional gray cement color. It can also be painted very easily, regardless of the original color that you choose. This ability to change and update your walls makes fiber cement a great choice for any homeowner. Contact a siding contractor for more help.