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4 Efficiency-Boosting Weed Trimmer Tips

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Maintaining the weeds around your lawn isn't exactly easy work. However, the process should also not be grueling. If your weed clearing sessions leave you in pain and with little to show for all your hard work, you're likely using your trimmer the wrong way. Learn how to use this piece of lawn care equipment more efficiently. 

Adjust the Height

Don't forget to adjust the height on the weed trimmer if more than one person uses the equipment. The cutting end of the machine should remain a safe distance away from your body. However, if the handlebar is too far away, based on your height and arm length, you could strain your back to support the weed trimmer. You will face a similar concern if the bar adjustment is too short. Test out a few different length configurations to determine the right fit. 

Alter the Trimmer Line

Review the owner's manual before replacing the cutting line on your weed trimmer. Some owners assume that they can choose the size of the trimming line based on their desired results. While the trimming line does influence the weed removal process, all weed eaters have a minimum and maximum line width they can accept. If the line is not sized appropriately for the equipment not only will the line likely break easily, but it could snap and swing in your direction, which could result in injury. 

Fine-Tune the Trimming Speed

Remember that the trimming speed of a weed trimmer is not a one-size-fits-all setting. The type of growth that you are attempting to remove should be a factor when determining what speed the equipment should be adjusted to. For example, for thick vegetation, you typically want to operate the trimmer at a high speed. For fine grass, a lighter operating speed is sufficient. When you overlook the trimmer speed, you run the risk of damaging the trimmer line. 

Rotate the Trimmer Correctly 

Look at your weed trimmer to see what direction the trimmer head rotates in. The direction of the head will determine what direction you should use the equipment in for the most efficient results. If the trimmer head rotates in a clockwise direction, move the trimmer from left to right. If the trimmer rotates counterclockwise, rotate it from right to left. Moving in the wrong direction only increases the cutting time, which means more work. 

You can keep your lawn weed free and perform the task efficiently with these tips. Look over your weed trimmer to ensure you're getting the most from the equipment.