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Creating Modern Adobe-Style Walls

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Adobe walls are famous in Spanish-style construction. They have an old world charm that is actually very adaptable in modern residential construction. All over the world, you will see adobe wall with Spanish tile roofs. This looks good with both modern and classic home styles. This article explains a few different options you have if you want adobe style walls from your local siding services.

Actual Adobe Siding is Rare But Still Possible

Adobe is a type of mud clay that is usually black with minimal texture. Old fashioned clay used sticks and wood to fill the space as well. Most modern adobe is a clay aggregate that is much smoother. Adobe doesn't have a granular finish like stucco.

Adobe Styles

Adobe now refers to more than just the actual adobe clay. Now, when you hear the term, it usually refers to the style. So, an "adobe wall" might not have any actually adobe clay in it at all, but it will have the style.

Concrete composites are the most common adobe styles used on modern construction. With concrete, you can create the look of adobe, but you have a much harder and more reliable outer surface material. In general, adobe finishes are created (using concrete or other modern substitutes) by making the wall look a little bit lumpy and random. This random texture looks nice and fun. The texture is applied using rounded, handheld trowels, and special spreading techniques.

Of course, there is always the option of applying an actual adobe finish to your surface. This is an artisnal style that needs to be created by those experienced with creating adobe styles. That is, since adobe isn't as popular as it used to be, and since most modern builders are making adobe styles out of concrete plasters, you need to find somebody who actually specializes in the style. These professionals aren't necessarily harder to find, but they will usually cost more.

Is also point out that actual adobe surfaces are more likely to scratch, chip, and peel away from the sidewall. Even though they need more maintenance, many homeowners are willing to put up with adobe because they don't think that concrete looks as authentic. But, with concrete your home will have much better insulation and strength. Concrete is harder and easier to repair. It also have better insulation and a far superior lifespan. Basically, concrete walls with an adobe style are more practical than actual adobe.