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The Advantages Of Electric Heating Systems

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The green movement has grown over the past few years, everyone seems to want to contribute. Did you know that electric water heating systems are more ecological than fuel-fired water heating? They do not produce carbon dioxide, no carbon monoxide, and no probability of gas leaks.

Does that take away from the other advantages? No the benefits of electric heating are greater than the disadvantageous operating costs. Here are a few advantages that are associated with electric heating systems:


It's no surprise that electric water heaters are safer than fuel-fired water heaters. There are plenty of problems that can come from heating water through the combustion process. Fuel-fired water heaters combined with combustible or flammable vapors can be dangerous. This can be a problem in garages, storage rooms, and basements.

Why is it especially a problem in these certain areas of your home? These vapors usually collect near the floor due to being heavier than air. The flames of the fuel-fired water heater draw these vapors to the burner is. This can cause an explosion that not only affects your property but can lead to a family member being injured.

Simplicity and Convenience

This is probably one of the best advantages, especially for people who need just a convenient way of heating their homes. Electric water heaters are simple to operate. Electric water heaters are beneficial in commercial buildings as well as your home. They provide safer and easier ways to spread heat through all corners of the buildings.


The combustion process causes fuel-fired water heaters to be more complex than the electric water heaters.  This complexity requires more maintenance. The burners can easily get corroded and receive other mechanical damages.  The larger the system, the more frequent the checkups and maintenance on the fuel-fired water heaters.

In comparison to this electric water heaters are far easier to maintain. They do not require as frequent check-ups as fuel-fired water heaters.

Design & Installation

It is easier to incorporate electric water heaters into building systems since they are not as hazardous as fuel-fired systems. Fuel-fired systems need to be planned around and could cause time to be lost redesigning the building. This can also cause the cost of the building to increase by a couple of hundred dollars per square feet.

Electric water heaters are readily incorporated into the building and mechanical system designs. Electric water heaters can be placed practically anywhere within the building. The combustion process and flues associated with fuel-fired systems present complications.

Fuel-fired water heaters require that the area around combustible materials is clear. Considering how many materials can be flammable this can make placing the fuel-fired heater even harder. You would also need to account for the gas piping, in order to properly operate fuel-fired heaters need gas. You would also need to create a substantial ventilation system for the combustible air that the fuel-fired water heater needs.

As you can see a fuel-fired water heater requires a lot less convenience than an electric water heater. It would be easier to simply purchase an electric water heater, simply because there are less headaches.