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Make Sure You Have These Tools Before You Attempt To Replace A Window

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When one of your windows is worn out, the common solution is to replace it. This will involve not only buying the right size and style of replacement window, but also removing the worn-out window and carefully fitting the new one into place. Although you might wish to strongly consider hiring a contractor for this job, you can successfully complete it for two reasons — you meticulously learn about the job through online tutorials and you have the right tools. While you'll obviously need things such as a reciprocating saw to remove the old window, here are three essential tools for putting the new one in.

Pry Bar

A pry bar will be a valuable ally once you get the replacement window into place. Due to its weight, you'll often have trouble making the fine adjustments that are needed to get the window square and level. This job, however, becomes much easier when you have a pry bar. For example, if you need to lift one side of the window, you can simply slide the pry bar under the window and move the bar accordingly, rather than attempt to stick your fingers beneath the window and lift. Remember, increased leverage will make the job easier, so get the longest pry bar you can find.

Wooden Shims

Although perhaps not a "tool" in the traditional sense, wooden shims are an essential item for mounting your replacement window. In many cases, you'll need to make fine adjustments to the window to get it centered in the hole in your wall, and wooden shims are the essential device for this task. Why you pry one end of the replacement window up with your pry bar, you can then slip the appropriately sized wooden shim into place to support the window once you pull the pry bar away.

Suction Cups

It's sometimes possible to lift the window in place by holding it from the frame, but doing so can get your finger pinched. A better strategy is to move the window with two or more suction cups, depending on the size of the window. Home supply stores sell suction cups for this job — they stick onto the window's glass and come equipped with sturdy handles, which will allow you to lift and position the window with ease. These won't be necessary if you're doing a very small window, but they're an essential item for a larger window.

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