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Common Misguided Assumptions About Deep Well Pumps That Lead Well Owners To Trouble

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Without question, having access to your own private water well is a rewarding thing. However, owning your own well also means that you have to persistent and consistent about maintaining the well and all of the components necessary to keep water supplies to your home, especially the well pump. If you have a deep well pump, you have definitely made a good choice, because these pumps outlast most other models by a long shot. Even still, there are some assumptions about these well pumps you have to get out of the way. Otherwise, you could see your deep well pump fail long before it should. 

Assumption: Deep well pumps don't require any attention. 

Fact: The beauty in having a deep well pump may be its long lifespan, but this does not mean the pump will never need maintenance or attention. In fact, the better maintained your pump is, the longer you will see it last. It is important to have your pump retrieved from the well on a regular basis for a good cleaning and observation of the working components. This is something most well owners feel comfortable with doing on their own, but a professional well repair technician will be happy to do it for you, and this usually doesn't cost much.

Assumption: It is cheaper to just replace a broken pump than it is to have it repaired. 

Fact: If you replace your well pump every time it shows signs of trouble, you will be spending a lot of unnecessary money on well pumps. Deep well pumps are designed to be maintained, worked on, and to have parts replaced as they wear out. They are made this way so you can get the most out of your initial investment instead of having to buy a new pump every time something goes wrong. 

Assumption: Deep well pumps last longer if your well water is clean.

Fact: You have your water tested regularly and the results are always a clear panel free of contaminants. However, clean water does not always mean you have water that is easy on your well pump. If the well has an excessive amount of sediment inside, your deep well pump could still need attention throughout the year to keep it cleaned out and functioning properly. This sediment tends to get trapped in the pump shaft and will accumulate to cause a lot of problems over time.

For more information about how to maintain your well pump, contact professional pump repair companies in the area.