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Fall Protection Equipment Every DIY Homeowner Should Have In Their Garage

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You may think that as long as you have a ladder and the necessary tools, you can tackle just about any task that arises in or outside or your home, regardless of the height of the particular project. However, from going after roofing problems on your own to taking tree topping into your own hands, jobs that take place up off the ground present the dangerous threat of falling and getting injured. For this reason, it is best if you have an adequate collection of fall safety equipment if you are a no-fearing homeowner who chooses to tackle maintenance tasks off of the ground. 

Workmen's Harness - A workmen's harness is the basic style of harness that most construction workers and contractors use when they are working on jobs up off of the ground. Harnesses have straps that loop around your arms and legs with a secure belt at the waist. All straps are adjustable to ensure a tight fit and many boast a comfortable, padded design at the legs and shoulders for a comfortable fit. 

Harness Lanyard - A harness lanyard attaches to the harness itself with a anchorage connector that has a one-way clasp that will only open when you push it in the proper direction with your fingers. Harness lanyards are created with the same sturdy material as the harness itself, which is a layered rayon and polyester formation. However, harness lanyards can also be designed with cabling steel as well, which is durable but can be harder to maneuver when you are climbing around. 

Strap-On Hard Hat - Even if you are secured by a harness and lanyard to something sturdy while you work, losing the ladder or losing your footing can leave you basically swinging from a rope from a tall structure. While it is great that you will not hit the ground, it is important that your head stay protected while you are dangling. Therefore, invest a good sturdy hard hat that straps to your head just beneath the chin. 

Whistle On a Break-Away Lanyard - It is always best if you only attempt to do work up off the ground when you have a spotter available to help you keep an eye out and be present while your work in case something happens. However, if you are like a lot of DIY homeowners, you will be tackling jobs solo. So make sure you have a whistle on a break-away lanyard so you can alert someone for help if you do slip. The last thing you want is to be left dangling from a tree or rooftop with no way to get attention from someone who can help. 

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