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Keeping Small Animals And Birds Out Of Your Fireplace Chimney

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If you have a fireplace in your home, you most likely enjoy the warmth of a crackling blaze during cold temperatures. During the times your fireplace is not being used inside, the chimney portion may become a hideaway for small creatures. To keep birds, mice, squirrels, and raccoons from taking up residence inside your chimney, using precautionary steps to make the area less attractive and accessible is necessary. Here are some tips you can follow to make sure your chimney does not become a home for furry and feathered friends.

Add A Chimney Cap To Keep Pests Away

The best way to keep creatures out of your chimney is with the installation of a chimney cap. This metal grate-like structure fits over the top of your chimney, making it less likely for small wildlife or birds to get inside. The holes will allow the smoke to be emitted into the air while keeping animals on the exterior of the home. A chimney repair service can easily make this addition to your chimney the next time you have it inspected and cleaned out.

Schedule Routine Cleanings To Remove Nesting Material

One way to ensure animals are not attracted to the interior of your chimney is by having cleanings done each year by a company like Excel Chimney & Fireplace Service. Your chimney service repair specialist will evaluate the inside of the chimney and will know if there were previous inhabitants that have left nesting material behind. If this is noticed, the chimney may just be temporarily vacant.

The chimney will be swept, removing all soot and this bedding in the process. This may be enough to make sure the creatures move on to a new location if they crawl or fly inside again and see their home has been destroyed. If the chimney service sees pests in the enclosure when they do their evaluation, they will recommend the hiring of a pest control service to remove them before they continue with their cleaning regimen.

Use Deterrents To Make The Chimney Unattractive

Placing a sound device on the top of your rooftop may help keep animals and birds from getting too close to the chimney area. High-pitched sound devices are not heard by humans but will scare away smaller creatures. These can be purchased from a hardware store and are easily installed by using the included hardware to keep them in place. Another idea is to place owl or hawk decoys on your rooftop. These will appear as predators to smaller creatures, keeping them away from the area in its entirety, as they will be frightened that they will become a meal if they get too close.