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The Benefits Of Solar Air Conditioners

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Solar air conditioners are an alternative type of air conditioner that, like their name suggests, make use of solar energy to cool your home down. Because of their unique method of generating power, solar air conditioners confer a number of unique benefits onto your home. Understanding what a solar powered air conditioning unit has to offer over a traditional, electrically powered air conditioning unit can help you decide whether or not a solar powered air conditioner is right for your home.


Solar powered air conditioners are extremely reliable. Because they are not connected to a power grid, they are immune to power outages and will continue to work even when the rest of your home does not have electricity. Furthermore, they can still provide air conditioning to your home even during the night, as solar power that is collected during the day is then stored in batteries for use when the sun has set. It should also be noted that the highest demand for air conditioning will be when the sun is blazing outside, which is also the time that your solar powered air conditioner will be collecting the greatest amount of energy.

Low Maintenance

After they are installed, solar powered air conditioners are extremely low maintenance, only requiring the occasional cleaning of the solar panels to ensure that dirt and other debris does not block sunlight from reaching the power cells. Solar panels can be cleaned using a common garden hose and light detergent (a pressure washer will damage the panels) and should be rubbed down with a soft, lint free cloth.

Reduced Energy Bills

Solar powered air conditioners will lower your overall energy bills, even if they are used in conjunction with a traditional air conditioning unit. Solar powered energy is free energy for your home, reducing your overall energy usage, but any excess energy that you generate and cannot store in your batteries can be fed back into the grid, earning you credit with your energy provider and further reducing your energy bills.

Tax Incentives

Depending on your location, the installation of a solar powered air conditioning unit in your home could make you eligible for certain tax credits. Check with a local accountant or with the state taxation agency to see if you qualify.

Environmentally Friendly

Lastly, but most definitely not least, is the reduced carbon footprint that a solar powered air conditioner provides. By reducing the amount of energy generated by non-renewable resources that you use, a solar powered air conditioner reduces your overall environmental impact and helps you live a more sustainable lifestyle. Contact a contractor, like Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, for more information.