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3 Uses For Compressors You Might Not Have Thought About

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Air compressors have been around for quite some time. While many people assume the main use of an air compressor is to air up tires on your vehicle, bicycle, boat trailer and so on, that isn't exactly the case. They have plenty of other uses beyond that. Many people just aren't aware of them all. To help you understand some of the other uses for air compressors, take a look at the information below.

Cleaning small crevices.

Regardless of whether you own a manufacturing facility or auto repair facility, air compressors can come in handy. They can help get into the small crevices where dust, dirt, metal shavings and other contaminants hide. By using the compressor, you can clean the area out and eliminate any possible malfunctions or damage because of dirty components. This works especially well for computers and other electronic devices where you want to get the dirt and dust off the fans as quickly as possible. They can also clean off your power tools and make sure that your items aren't contaminating new components you are installing around the business.

Inflating air mattresses.

Beyond airing up tires, you can use your compressor on a lower setting to inflate an air mattress when you have company staying over. No one wants to try and blow one of those things up by hand or by mouth. It could take hours to even come close to getting the job done. Instead of stressing yourself out and trying to figure out how to get the mattress blown up on time, your air compressor can get the job done in mere minutes.

Powering tools.

Many people end up using air compressors to power up their hand tools. Jackhammers, saws, drills and many other tools can all be powered with a compressor. You need to make sure the compressor is capable of handling the wattage you are putting out there for your power tool. Otherwise, it isn't going to be able to power your tools. The more wattage your compressor has to offer, the bigger the tools are that it will be able to power up. Consult the owner manual for additional information on how much wattage your compressor is and what its maximum output is.

Compressors can be used around your home, in the office, at a factory, in an auto repair facility and many other places. They are extremely versatile and provide you with the flexibility you need in one piece of equipment.

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