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4 Most Common Culprits Behind Your Noisy Refrigerator

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Although your refrigerator should make a little noise throughout the day, overall it should be pretty quiet. Your refrigerator should not be running so loudly that you can't carry on a conversation at normal volume when you are in your kitchen. It also shouldn't be so loud that you have to turn up the radio or television to drown it out. If the sound your refrigerator is making is getting in the way of your daily life, something is wrong. Here are the four most common culprits behind most noisy refrigerators.

#1 The Compressor 

Generally, if your refrigerator is making a lot of unnecessary noise, the first thing you need to check is your compressor. In order to check your compressor, you need to first unplug your refrigerator and let it cool down for about five minutes. This will give all the working parts of your refrigerator a chance to stop moving. 

After about five minutes have passed, you need to pull out your refrigerator so that you can get to the back of it. Once you can see the back of it, you will need to use a screwdriver to remove the back panel on your refrigerator. Then, check inside of the compressor and see if any spring is loose and tilting away from the housing of the compressor. If it is, use a thick rubber band to put the spring back in place and stop if from rattling. 

This is a short-term solution that should work for a week or so until you are able to get a repair technician out to your house who can permanently fix your compressor. Intricate compressor repair is best left to the professionals to fix, as they have a lot of small parts that have to carefully adjusted. 

#2 The Fans

Next, you need to check the fans. The fans are generally located next to the compressor, to the left. If a fan is not on tightly, when it spins, it can hit the compressor and other parts around it, causing a loud, unpleasant noise. 

Touch the fan and see if it is loose. If it is, put it back in the right position. Then, tighten the screws holding it in place. This should fix the problem.

If the blades on the fan look like they are no longer straight and have become damaged or warped, you may need to replace the blades on the fan. You can order a new fan from your local appliance repair shop and replace the fan yourself if you want; you just have to unscrew the old fan and screw the new fan into place. 

#3 The Motor

Now you need to look at the motor. Loose parts in the motor can cause your fridge to make a lot of noise. This is also located at the back of your refrigerator. Use a screwdriver and a wrench to tighten up any loose bolts and bearings. If any of the parts are rusty, make note of them, and order replacements. Beyond those two things, you should leave motor repair to a professional technician. 

#4 Condenser Coils

The condenser coils kind of look like a filter and have metal that runs back and forth like the shelves inside of your oven. They are generally located in either the back of the fridge or underneath it. When the condenser coils become dirty, they can cause your refrigerator work harder than it needs to, which can make the entire fridge sound louder. To fix this, all you need to do is take your vacuum to them and clean them off.

After you have completed all the troubleshooting above, put the rear panel back on your refrigerator, push it back into place, and plug it in. The loud sound should be gone. If it is not gone, you will need to call out a repair person to further inspect your refrigerator.