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Falls Walls For Real Life: Use Pallets To Create New Rooms

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Sometimes you just need a little extra privacy. If you are living in a one bedroom apartment, but will need a nursery or if you are living in a studio but want a separate space for sleeping, you will need to erect walls. If you are renting, or if you live in a condo that requires approval before making changes, you may run into trouble optimizing your space. Instead of creating permanent walls and changes, consider constructing a pallet wall to divide your apartment space.

Choose a wood stain or paint

If you wish to have your pallet wall exposed, look for a wood stain that you will enjoy. Pallets tend to come in a number of different wood colors, from light grays to deep brows and blacks. Cohesiveness will be important for an exposed wall, which is why you need to select a wood stain or paint. Stains are easily applied, however, you may prefer a paint that is the same colors as your home walls. Before you begin to erect the wall, stain or paint all of the pallet wood so that the finish is perfect when the wall is set up.  

Stabilize the bottom

In order to create a wall of pallets, you will need to be able to attach the pallets together into a long wall. Get a long wooden board that is heavy in weight and thick enough for nails several inches long to be passed through. You want a wide and thick board so that it can easily lay on the floor and will be difficult to push over. Attach the bottom level pallets to the very center of the board. Go in a row, stacking the first level of pallets to the board, then create the second and third levels as necessary.

Create an open doorway

Instead of creating a doorway in the palette itself, you should create an open walkway. If you wish to erect two pallet walls to create a completely private room, attach a pole horizontally on the two pallet walls. Place drapes or a curtain to the pole to give the room privacy without disturbing the pallet wall each time someone walks through. You can also create two pallet walls and attach these at the corners, leaving just enough space at the end of one side of the wall to walk through. This will give you a small walkway, but keep the pallet wall strong and untouched.

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