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Caring For Vinyl Siding Properly

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If you have just had vinyl siding placed upon your home, you are most likely enjoying the improved appearance of your property in addition to the durability it provides in protecting your investment. It is important to do routine maintenance steps on your siding to keep it from deteriorating prematurely and so that it looks its best. Here are some steps to follow.

Take Precautions

To keep your siding looking nice, take a few precautions when doing activities around your home. Do not use a barbecue grill, place a fire pit, or burn autumn leaves close to your siding as it can easily melt the panels if the heat gets too excessive. When doing home improvement projects outside, make sure to cover exposed siding near the area where you are working. Chemicals and pesticides can cause your siding to become discolored, making it necessary to use these materials as far from your home as possible. 

Check For Damage

Every month or two, walk around the perimeter of your home to check for areas of your siding that may need repair. If you see a panel that appears loose, reattach it in the grooved portion of the panel above or below it. If it does not easily snap into place, call the siding installation service you had hired to take a look, as they may have placed a defective piece.

Clean Regularly

To keep your siding looking like new, it will need regular cleaning sessions to remove any dirt or grime from the panel surfaces. To clean vinyl siding, start by rinsing the entire area you intend on cleaning with a pressure washer. This will help remove any surface dirt before you start deep cleaning.

Place an old sweatshirt over the bristle portion of a broom. Keep it in place using rubber bands. Dip the sweatshirt in a bucket of water mixed with siding detergent and sweep it gently across the panels to remove any grime. Start near the top of your home and work your way down so any dirty water that drips from the sweatshirt will land on a part that you haven't yet cleaned.

Tackle Mildew

Vinyl siding is prone to mildew if conditions are often damp. If left in place, your vinyl can become discolored and may start to disintegrate. To remove mildew, pour one cup of bleach into a gallon of warm water and use a scrub brush to apply the mixture directly to your vinyl siding. Make sure to rinse the mixture from your siding completely. 

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