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Slab Jacking Will Fix Your Home's Damaged Concrete Driveway

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If your home's concrete driveway has cracked and is sinking in some locations, then you might be surprised to learn that you can have the driveway fixed rather than having to demolish and replace it. Damaged concrete driveways are repaired by a process known as slab jacking. 

Here is some information on slab jacking to help you understand how the process will repair your home's driveway:

Concrete Driveway Damage Causes

The most common cause of damage to a concrete driveway is that it was not originally installed on properly compacted fill dirt. If the fill dirt was not uniformly compacted, then it contains air pockets that allow space for water to undermine the concrete. The water forms channels under the concrete and then when you drive your vehicle over it each day the concrete becomes weak in those areas. Eventually, the concrete driveway cracks, and the slab will sink down in the areas where it was being held in place with air rather than compacted soil.

Slab Jacking Basics

Once your driveway's concrete has become cracked and is no longer level, then you have two choices:

  1. demolish it and replace it with new concrete
  2. have the driveway slab jacked

Slab jacking is a procedure that is performed by drilling holes in a pattern over all of the areas that have sunk down below the slab's grade. Into each hole is injected a special concrete grouting material. The grouting is installed using a high-pressure machine that forces it into the spaces under the slab. This action raises the concrete. Once the slab is level once again, then the small drill holes are filled with a concrete patch material.

Slab Jacking Advantages

There are many advantages with having your home's concrete driveway slab jacked versus repaired. The most obvious is that slab jacking is less costly than demolition and replacement. In addition, slab jacking uses simple machinery and does not damage any of the surrounding landscaping that a major demolition job would. Finally, slab jacking is also better for the environment because it does not require the removal of the old slab and the use of new resources to replace it.


As you can see, slab jacking will repair your cracked and sinking driveway quickly and at much less cost to you and the environment over having your driveway replaced. If you have additional questions about the slab jacking process, speak with a concrete refinishing contractor like Mara Restoration, Inc. in your local area.