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Keeping Your Home Secure: Benefits Of An Automated Security Gate

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An automated custom gate can add security and a wealth of other benefits to your home and property. While it's obvious that installing a gate will keep unwanted visitors out, there are several other benefits you may not have considered. You may be considering installing a gate simply to add curb appeal to your property, but by making the gate automated, you create function and design. Read this article to learn more about the benefits of an automated gate:

Increased Property Value

If you ever intend to sell your property after you have an automated gate installed, you will immediately see a return on your investment. Potential home owners definitely like to see a home that looks and feels safe and secure. Also, a gate that has been kept neat and well-maintained will look much nicer than the house down the street without one. The added curb appeal will attract buyers to your property and the cost of the added security will play a role in your resale value.

Home Insurance Breaks

Many insurance companies offer discounts after you have installed additional security measures on your home. This is because if a thief is targeting your neighborhood, he is more likely to target the house without a gate than deal with a security gate that is probably monitored and harder to get into. 

Keeping Children Safe

If you have young children or even pets, an open driveway can be extremely dangerous. Young children can dart into traffic within seconds with catastrophic results. By installing a security gate that requires a keypad entry or voice command to open it, you reduce the risk of your children leaving your property. Also, it's important to have a anti-crush feature installed on the gate. This option prevents the gate from closing on anyone or anything. 

Increased Privacy

Nothing is more annoying than relaxing with your family or sitting down to dinner and having a salesman show up at your door. With an automated security gate, you have the ability to allow people to enter or not.

Added Convenience

With an automated security gate, you don't have to get out of your vehicle in a storm or while it is raining in order to open the gate. You can stay safe and dry in your vehicle while the gate opens and closes on its own. 

Automated security gates create an aesthetic value to your property while giving you added peace of mind, whether you are at home or not. Because the gate is automated, unless you have a keypad code or know the voice activation, you would have a difficult time getting within the property walls. This protects both the home and the people inside. 

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