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Remodeling Your Home To Accommodate A Senior Resident

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If you are going to be taking care of an elderly parent in the near future, you may be considering adding a few features to your home in order to make their everyday tasks easier to accomplish around the home. There are a few safety features you can have installed that will help your parent live comfortably. Here are some options you may want to look into.


You may want to change the flooring in your home so there are no areas where slips can occur. Carpeting is a great help in cushioning falls, but small area rugs should be avoided. Subtle ramps can be placed to replace small steps, making it easier for your parent to maneuver with a walker, cane or wheelchair.


Consider switching the lighting throughout your home to make it easier for your parent to see their surroundings. Use light bulbs with increased wattage and place small lamps in several areas for an extra boost in lighting when needed. 


Place rails through areas of the home where you feel your parent may need a little bit of extra support. These can be easily added to any room along the walls, and can be discreet by matching the color to the surroundings. Rails are especially important where there is a shift in the height of flooring.

Kitchen Area

In the kitchen, you may want to consider having your cabinets lowered so materials are more readily accessible. This is a rather large job, so if you do not have the time or funds to do this easily, add a few extra shelves below cabinets where your parent can store their own food and dishes. Latches on cabinets can be switched to something easier to open, making things more comfortable for those that suffer with arthritis. 

Bathroom Area

In the bathroom, take special care to modify the bathing area. A senior tub can be installed to replace your existing bathtub, making it easier for them to get in and out. It will also allow them to sit down while bathing. A company like Carefree Walk In Tubs can help you pick the best bathtub setup. Place rails around the tub and toilet to help them gain leverage when using these items. You can install a kit that will raise the toilet seat of your existing toilet, making it easily accessible. Make sure to place non-skid mats in your bathroom to help with the avoidance of falls.