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Taking Your Garage From Drab To Fab

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The garage is a room of the house that can be used for so many different things. For many people it is an extra storage space while others refuse to use it for anything but their cars. Most people use their garage for more than storage and parking, including using it as a workshop. If you are looking to make your garage a more fabulous space for all your uses, consider adding some of these touches.


One of the best ways to organize everything you are storing in your garage is to add shelving. This can help you to not only find your things more easily, but it clears up plenty of floor space for other things like your lawn mower or snow blower. There are many shelving options available at any local hardware store. If you are looking to organize all of your nuts, bolts, and screws, look for shelves that include small drawers for keeping everything in order.

Overhead Storage Bins

There are options for keeping things organized other than simple shelving units on the walls. Products are now available that help you store bins along the ceiling for really maximizing your space. If you want, most can even have hooks attached for hanging bicycles.

Extra Insulation

Having the walls insulated is a great way to keep this space more comfortable. Whether you are working in your garage on a project or just looking to keep your vehicles at a more comfortable temperature, a little insulation can go a long way. Insulation is helpful for more than just keeping the area warm in the winter — it can also help keep things cool when it is hot outside. Consider getting a garage door that is insulated for even more protection from the temperatures outside.

Epoxy Floor Coating

Garage floors are often neglected, but there are ways to make this a nice part of the space too. Epoxy floor coating is easy to paint across the floor and has many benefits such as:

  • Has a cleaner look
  • Resists oil stains
  • Becomes less slippery when wet because water beads up
  • Wipes clean for easy maintenance
  • Hides imperfections with the color chips
  • Comes in custom paint colors

This gives the finishing touch to any garage makeover. Companies like Beauty-Crete can help you apply an epoxy flooring coating to give your garage this cleaner look. 

By making this space more comfortable, you are much more likely to use your garage for more than just storage. Keeping things clean and organized allows you to find these easier while maximizing your space.