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Knowing The Pros & Cons Before Selecting A Heating System

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The temperatures are dropping, which is prompting everyone to check and make sure they have the proper heating ability in their home. It used to be that homes were heated with fireplaces or a stove. Now the choices are greater, but selecting the system for your home requires knowing the pros and cons to each system.


Most homes today are equipped with a furnace that offers central heat. They are energy efficient, but you want the rating to be at least 80 to be the most efficient. One pro to owning a furnace is the ability to clean the air as it is heated and they are common, making repair easier. The disadvantage to owning a furnace is the fact you will need to install ducts and keep them clean. You will also need to watch for natural gas leaks.


Boilers are very different from furnaces, even though some people use the term interchangeably. Boilers are run by hot water and they use radiant heating systems. This system is ideal for those who suffer from allergies. They are more expensive to install, but they allow for temperature control in each room.

Heat Pumps

The final type of heating system for homes is with a heat pump. These systems take air from the outside, heat it and then circulate it in the house. In the summer, they can be reversed to use cool the home, which allows homeowners to only need one unit to heat and cool a home. They are the most energy efficient system, but one of the most expensive in terms of initial investments. They also have trouble handling extreme temperatures in the winter and summer.

With the knowledge of the different types of heating systems, you can make an informed decision on how to heat your home when the temperatures drop. However, before you just dive in and make a purchase, you will want to talk to installation companies. You want to make sure you know the demand you are going to be putting on your heating system and how important energy efficiency is to you. They will need to know what your limits are on initial investments, or if you are more concerned with overall savings. With the answers to these questions, the company will help you determine which type of heating system and which model will best fit your needs. When you take the time to study what you want, you are less likely to be stuck in the cold over the winter months.