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Invest In Preventive Furnace Maintenance To Protect Your Wallet In The Future

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Many people forgo regular furnace maintenance because they don't want to pay for a service visit every year. However, this strategy is often being penny wise but pound foolish. There are several money-saving benefits to signing up for a regular furnace maintenance plan.

Reduced Operation Costs

Furnace maintenance has a direct impact on your monthly heating bills. Each little bit of dirt or slightly worn part decreases your furnace's efficiency and causes it to use more fuel to achieve the same level of heating.

A big part of each preventive maintenance visit is cleaning your furnace and realigning any parts that have come out of place during heavy use. When deciding whether preventive maintenance is worth it, think about how much money you would save by slashing your high winter heating bills by just a few percent.

Lower Repair Bills

Nearly every major furnace problem could have been avoided with a small fix if the underlying issue had been detected early enough. When one part develops a problem, it often places stress on the rest of the system and causes other parts to wear out or burn out as well.

During a preventive maintenance visit, your furnace will be thoroughly inspected for any parts that are developing problems. Even if the fix isn't included in the tuneup cost, the cost of the fix will still be far less than if you wait for the problem to get bigger.

Longer Furnace Life

There are two key factors when deciding whether to replace a furnace — how much fuel is it using and how much money are you spending to keep it in good repair. The more expensive it is to run your furnace, the more it makes sense to switch to a newer furnace that will bring lower fuel and repair costs.

Since preventive maintenance helps both your fuel efficiency and your ability to avoid major repair bills, you'll be able to keep your furnace running longer.

Offseason Discounts

Most preventive maintenance visits are scheduled in the early fall before peak heating season arrives. This is because this is a less busy time for furnace contractors.

The benefit to you is that if you do end up needing a repair or other work, that work will usually be discounted well below what you'd pay for an emergency job in the middle of the winter.

Are you ready to sign up for a preventive furnace maintenance plan? Contact a local furnace repair contractor, such as Sturm Heating Inc., today.