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How To Fix Decorative Wooden Doors

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Fixing wooden interior and exterior residential doors can be problematic due to the decorative trim and molding. Fixing small holes in the crevices of a decorated wooden door is not very easy. This article will explain what tools you will need, and how to properly repair small holes in wooden doors.

Fixing Small Holes

Fixing small holes in a door is easy if you have the right tools and products. To fill small holes in a door you should use heavy-duty wood filler or car body filler. Some people prefer car body filler because it is harder and less likely to get dented. It is also easy to work with, although it does dry very quickly. Before you apply a filler or putty, you need to prepare the surface.

You cannot apply the filler directly onto a dented or scratch piece of wood. You need to make the surface smooth so the putty will stick to the door. If the hole is rough, there is a greater chance that the filler will eventually fall out of the wood. This is because wood expands and contracts with changes in the temperature and moisture content of the air. So, any air bubbles or cavities beneath the filled hole, not matter how small, can end up being problematic in the long run.

To make a small hole smooth you should use a sponge sand. Start off with a medium grit sandpaper to knock away larger chunks of wood. Then, use a finer grit sponge to make the surface so it is smooth and paint-ready. Be patient and sand with the grain of the wood.

Applying the Filler or Putty

After the hole is completed sanded, it is time to apply the wood filler or putty. Use a putty knife to spread the putty thinly across the hole. Make sure to push hard so the filler covers the entire hole. Scrape away any excess filler so it is flat and even with the original door surface. After the filler has dried, you will need to sand down the putty so it is perfectly flat and smooth enough to be repainted.

In the end, fixing these small holes in wooden doors is an easy process because it does not require any special skills or rare tools. Fixing small holes will make your doors look so much newer from close up and from far away. For further help, consult with professionals, such as Crawford Door Sales Of Nevada Ltd.