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Four Ways To Make Shopping Center Parking Lots More Appealing

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If you own a shopping center, you should be concerned about its appearance. This is because drawing customers in to shop is all about how the area looks. The stores may contain the best products but have difficulty with sales if people are unwilling to visit them. There are some measures you can take to make your shopping center look more beautiful by improving the parking lots. Read on to learn some suggestions you can put to use.

Discourage littering.

You can do this by placing attractive looking trash receptacles on side walks and in the parking lot. Some people litter because they are too lazy to walk a great distance to a trash receptacle.

You can also place signs throughout the outside area encouraging customers to put their waste in the appropriate receptacles. Think beyond the traditional "Do Not Litter" signs. For example, a sign near a trash receptacle that simply reads "Trash," may come off as less intimidating, and it makes it easy to locate the receptacles. 

Remove chewing gum.

It is a good idea to have gum removed on a regular basis. Old gum takes away from the appearance of parking lots. Gum may irritate customers and business establishments during the summer since it can melt and stick to the soles of shoes and cause a mess as people track it around. 

Consider the landscape.

Adding trees to a shopping center parking lot can make it more inviting. Ensure you also plant grass or have artificial grass installed. If there is grass on the outskirts of your shopping center, keep it cut. Flowers are also a nice addition to add to storefronts. 

Get timely parking lot repairs.

Damaged parking lots may be the driving force behind whether or not consumers visit your location. Some people will not want to risk getting their vehicle damaged by potholes even if a shopping center is notorious for having good sales. Even if you do not have potholes present, be on the lookout for cracks, and get them filled as needed to keep them from spreading.

Parking lot striping is a good way to give parking lots a "facelift." It can also increase customers' trust in shopping with you. For example, if the handicap spaces in your lot are faded, and an unsuspecting person gets ticketed for parking in one, they are not going to be too happy. Trust the advice of a paving company if you are advised that it is better to replace your parking lot than repair it. For more information, contact a company such as Mariotti Bill Site Development Co Inc.