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3 Home Upgrades To Ask Your Masonry Contractor About

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Sure, you've seen the stone wall in the front yard or the cobblestone driveway that lends a nice, vintage touch to a home, but limiting the masonry on your property to these projects is an underestimation of what your local masonry contractor can do. Here are some projects that are a bit more unexpected, but still lend a great air of refinement to any home. 

Kitchen Improvements

If there's any room in the house than can benefit from a touch-up using stone, it's the kitchen. Any number of projects from a stone border to an entire arch can add huge value and a luxurious touch to your kitchen. A fairly popular option is the addition of a stone arch over the range in the kitchen, which can blend in nicely with surrounding cabinets. However, this approach can get pricey quickly. If you're looking for a more low-key option, try lining the walls with thin stones or natural tile in between the cabinets and the counter, which can be done very cheaply and quickly by yourself. 

Bathroom Projects

The bathroom is a close second to the kitchen in terms of rooms that can be improved with a little help from your local masonry contractor. Popular bathroom projects include natural tile in the shower and a sand-colored stone mirror frame. However, these projects have been done time and again before. To add a truly unique touch to your bathroom, try lining the bath tub with natural stone tiles for a nice accent, or, if you're going all out, a fully stone shower can add greatly to an existing white or grey bathroom scheme without going overboard. 

Stone in the Garden

A new, popular way to add some flair to your garden to show everyone who walks by is by adding a stone arch to the entrance, which is more eye-catching than the traditional wire and vine entrance. For a real upgrade, a stone fountain in the garden will attract birds, squirrels and admirers to your tastefully assembled garden for decades, with only a little bit of plumbing work to be done. 

Adding a little touch of natural stone to any of these areas of your home will lend a nice touch of rugged refinement no matter where you choose to employ the dynamic material. Whether you're looking to overhaul a part of your house, or if you just want to add a little something to your home, don't leave out stone as a rock-solid option for your interior design. For more information, contact a local masonry company, like Trinity Masonry & Concrete.